Doc. dr Aleksandar Vasiljević
Fakultet za pravne i poslovne studije dr Lazar Vrkatić, Novi Sad
Marilyn Maroš
Vojvođanska Banka AD, Novi Sad

UDK 339.743

UDK 339.748

Negative Exchange Rate Differences Swiss Frank as a Source of Insolvency Citizens

Summary: The entry of foreign banks into the domestic market, the banking system has become so dominant that it began to affect the macroeconomic and social trends. Great Famine of the population and the economy for credit has led to over-indebtedness, which was prompted by recent and still current economic crisis, made to appear a large number of indebted citizens and businessmen who have stopped working while at the same time become exposed to pressures banks to restore credit, making them made socially problematic groups. As the best example of the strong influence of banks on the social and macroeconomic developments and housing loans are indexed to the CHF who were with their conditions over time turned against the borrower. Compared to three years ago when the housing loans indexed in CHF were very popular today, users of these loans they owe much more in euro terms compared to the period when they took loans. Here are the problems just mentioned, the borrowers but also the entire construction sector that suffered major consequences if the sales market began to report extensively population originating from the charge taken by bank mortgages. The state is trying to protect macroeconomic developments including the borrowers, limiting the ability of credit indebtedness of citizens, which at one point gave the result, but quickly found that has its negative aspects, because there was already indebted people were not able to refinance or reschedule their credit obligations. Currently the state is fully ceded to the banks themselves will decide who and how much credit you counter many expectations did not lead to a new credit expanse. The reason is that banks are burdened with large amounts of contentious and non-performing receivables, which affect more caution in granting loans especially given the turbulent social and economic trends.

Key words: exchange rate, bank, credit, insolvency, crisis
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