mr Sadmir Karović
Državna agencija za istrage i zaštitu, Sarajevo (BiH)

UDK 341.485


Summary: In this study accentuated the importance special or specific intent “dolus specialis” and criminal establishing the existence of genocidal intent as a specific and unique characteristics of the crime of genocide. In determining the existence of genocidal intent emphasizes the concepts that are relevant to the practice of international justice, whose work is largely removed some ambiguities concerning the issues that are not precisely and clearly stipulated in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948. year. Through work to articulate the complexity of determining the existence of genocidal intent, criminal justice, and set high standards of proof of the subjective element of genocide. In this context, the essential relevant judgments concerning genocide or genocidal intent. Also, unambiguously confirmed the autonomy of the criminal law of genocide as an international crime with some specifics in relation to other international crimes.

Key words: genocide, genocidal intent, “dolus specialis”, International Justicem
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