Доц. др Војин Пилиповић
Факултет за правне и пословне студије Нови Сад

UDK 351.74/.76(497.11)

Role of Police and Municipal Police in Exercising the Local Security in Serbia

Summary: The paper treated the normative, security, humanitarian and ethical aspects of the relationship between the police and municipal police in local security. Human security is one of the vital functions of each state, so success in the field of securitis, very important for the reputation of the Republic of Serbia and the legal security of its citizens, no matter where they are (at work, at home, in the street, at the market, in a restaurant, etc.). Republic of Serbia is trying to develop and improve all aspects of security protection for the public and local security, paying special attention, to maintaining communal order and the environment, people and goods, security and protection of order in land use, facilities, local roads, streets and other public facilities. In this way, the state of Serbia, through state authorities (police) and local government (municipal police), provides local security protection to all citizens and meeting basic (everyday) life needs.

Key words: police, authority, jobs, control, cooperation
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