Doc. dr Miroslav Milosavljević
Fakultet za pravne i poslovne studije Novi Sad
Dejan Milosavljević, dipl. pravnik
Klinički centar Novi Sad

UDK 347.724.02(497.11)

Founding Act Company


Summary: The Founding Act, it is written in the form of a decision or agreement, is important for several reasons. First of all, it is necessary to regulate relations with him between the founders of the company, determine the elements for the individualization of the company (company, business, office, etc.), indicate the legal status of the company and others. Also, the initial act is an essential element for the registration and the registration of a company in the register, any momentum gained by the law. It is because of this interesting and relevant topics, the authors decided to investigate the same.

Key words: Articles of Association, company, registration form
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